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Cervar-Porat, Croatia

Bird's-eye view of Cervar-Porat, the homonymous cove and the surrounding Mediterranean landscape. Source: smokvina.hr


Cervar-Porat, a small tourist village surrounded by olive groves, pine forest, vineyards and Mediterranean plants is located only four kilometers from Porec. It is located in the homonymous cove and it consists of the two smaller coves: Lunga and St. Marina. Cervar-Porat dates back to the Roman era, as do many of the other settlements in Istria. This is confirmed by the remains of the rustic Roman villa that were discovered on the coast, close to what is now a marina. The villa had a residential and the economic part. The economic part was where ceramic dishes were manufactured. It is still possible to
Cervar-Porat, Croatia

Remains of a rustic Roman villa and the remarkable ceramic furnace at Cervar-Porat. Source: swirl.bloger.index.hr


see the ceramic furnace that is one of the most researched furnaces on the Adriatic coast. The villa also produced olive oil and wine. An Antique villa was discovered on the other side of the Cervar cove, where pieces of amphorae and ceramics were found. The new settlement was founded in the 1970s for 6500 inhabitants. In the beginning, this settlement was intended for seasonal workers. In the Homeland War, Cervar-Porat served as temporary accommodation for refugees and displaced persons. Today, this is a permanent settlement with a marina that fits 400 boats. Close to Cervar-Porat there is a Naturist Centre Ulika,
Cervar-Porat, Croatia

Marina in the Lunga Cove and numerous apartments of Cervar-Porat that are intended for tourists. Source: freewebs.com


which is unique because of the numerous holm oak trees. Rocky pebble coastline is approximately 2.5 kilometers long and the beach was awarded the Blue Flag. In the centre of Cervar-Porat there is Aparthotel Volta, only a hundred meters from the sea. Other than the hotel and the camp, the guests can find accommodation in private houses and apartments. The guests can use the biking trail to go from Cervar-Porat to the well-known tourist city of Porec. With the several tennis courts, Cervar-Porat is a destination not only for those who like a relaxing vacation, but also those who like a recreation and an active vacation.

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