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Kali, Ugljan, Croatia

Harbor with fishing boats, parish Church of St. Lawrence and densely inhabited village of Kali. Source: zadar.hr


Kali is a tourist settlement and a harbor on the east side of Ugljan Island. It is also the most famous fishing village on the Adriatic with almost 2000 inhabitants. The charm of this place lies in its fishermen who proved their skills sailing around the globe and two harbors with fishing fleet. Kali is mentioned in the 13th Century. It is a village with long and eventful past. In the 19th and the 20th Century fishing develops significantly and the settlement expands along the coast. Today, the settlement has almost merged with the neighboring Preko, and a part of the settlement is also developing
Kali, Ugljan, Croatia

Batalaza in the centre of village Kali is the preferred beach of guests that spend their vacation here. Source: navadriatic.com


on the south shore of Ugljan, toward the bays of Velika and Mala Lamjana. Large part of uninhabited area is under olive groves, and olives from these olive groves are processed in the Kali oil refinery, one of the largest oil refineries in the Zadar archipelago. The old village core with stone houses and narrow streets on the hill often seems like a maze to visitors. While taking a walk one can listen in on the specific, temperamental Kali speech. Kali has a 15th century parish Church of St. Lawrence and the Late-Gothic, 14th century Church of St. Pelegrin. The patron saint, St. Lawrence, is
Kali, Ugljan, Croatia

Fish that was just caught is transferred into crates with crushed ice that keeps it fresh. Source: croatia.hr


celebrated on 10th of August and is marked by celebratory mass and family dining. The village has rich untouched nature, rocky and pebble beaches, and natural coves that are ideal for many water sports. Batalaza Beach is located in the centre of the village and a couple of kilometers further south there is a pebble beach, Mala Lamjana, accessibility and beauty of which attract greater and greater number of tourists. Those who are not fans of the waves can choose a suitable beach depending on the wind. You can also visit the traditional Kali fishermen night event, Tunuara that tries to introduce tourists to the fishermen's way of life. You should try all types of fresh fish prepared in different ways: brudet, grilled, peka style octopus, and tuna in a hundred different ways. What about accommodation? Kali offers over 800 beds in villas, rooms and apartments. It is more than certain you will find an apartment to your liking in Kali.

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