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Koprivnica, Croatia

Remains of Koprivnica ramparts date back to the 16th and 17th Century, in winter setting. Source: crometeo.net


A city in Podravina that has been populated for over 6000 years, since the Early Stone Age. Romans have built a road station Piretis here, by River Drava. Koprivnica was first mentioned as a settlement in the 13th Century. From the 14th Century, it has been a free royal town. In the 16th and the 17th Century, in the defense against Turks, Koprivnica further developed into the strongest Renaissance-Baroque fortress that was mostly torn down in the 19th Century. Today, with more than 30,000 inhabitants, Koprivnica is the administrative and cultural centre of Koprivnica-Krizevci County, with
Koprivnica, Croatia

Enactment of King Ludwig I Anjou assigning Koprivnica the free royal city charter, bestowed on the city in 1356. Source: koprivnica.net


an art school, Public Open University, Media University and the Faculty of Economics. Agriculture, cattle farming, food, pharmaceutical, wood, paper, leather and metal industries are all well developed in Koprivnica, and it also has a brickyard. It is constructive and interesting to see the remains of the ramparts, parish church of St. Nicholas, Franciscan Monastery and the church, Old Magistrate - today the City Museum, City Park with the music pavilion, Food Museum and 8 monuments dedicated to a bicycle. Koprivnica has events such as the Fishing Festival, Bicycling Festival, Podravina motives
Koprivnica, Croatia

Kokot - symbol of the main Koprivnica brand, Podravka food industry. Source: index.hr


with Naïve Painting, Old Trades and Folklore Fair, with Podravka jeger - a salami that is over 0.5km long, and nettle specialties (after which Koprivnica was named), Renaissance Festival on the ramparts with knight games, the appearance of musketeers and staging of the assignment of the free royal city charter, and the poetry fair Fall of Galovic. Swimming is possible on River Drava and on Podravina Riviera - pebble beach Soderica. Hunting grounds Peski and Repas in the valleys of Kalnik and Bilogora are available to hunters. One should also visit Hlebine - naïve art centre, Krizevci - birthplace of St. Mark of Krizevci, old town of Durdevci and the old fortress of Kalnik. Accommodation is available in hotels Podravina and Bijela kuca, in private apartments and peasant household apartments and boarding houses: Jastrebov vrh (Hawk Summit), Suncano selo (Sunny Village), Tara, etc. Koprivnica and its surroundings also have many restaurants with traditional Podravina dishes.

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