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Varazdin, Croatia

Varazdin Old Town fortress (currently City Museum) next to which Varazdin developed in Medieval Ages. Source: net.hr


Varazdin is located between River Drava and Mt. Ivanscica. It developed in medieval times from the settlement of craftsmen and merchants by the fortress that protects the intersection of Roman roads. It was first mentioned in the 12th century as Garestin. It developed after having been declared a Free Royal City in the 13th century and after becoming populated by the aristocrats. In the 18th century, as the seat of Croatian ban and the Croatian Parliament, Varazdin became the capital of Croatia, but after some 20 years 2/3 of the city were destroyed in the fire, making the administration
Varazdin, Croatia

Concert of the Vienna Boys Choir during Varazdin Baroque Evenings in the Varazdin Cathedral. Source: evarazdin.hr


move to Zagreb. The city was rebuilt in Baroque style and is therefore known as the Baroque city. Today, Varazdin has over 47,000 inhabitants. It is the economic, cultural, athletic, tourist and educational centre of northwest Croatia, with a University and College. Other than the city core, it is interesting to see the City Museum, City Gallery, Insect Museum, City Theatre, cathedral, Parish Church of St. Nicholas, Church of St. Florian and St. Vid, the Franciscan, Ursuline and Capuchin churches and the Varazdin Cemetery. The most popular events include: Spancirfest -
Varazdin, Croatia

Insect Museum is a unique experience that is also adapted to blind people and those with reduced vision. Source: jutarnji.hr


festival of street performers and Varazdin Baroque Evenings - festival of Baroque music with performances by world renowned musicians. There are numerous sports associations and sports fields. Hiking excursions to nearby hills are popular and in the summer there are water sports and swimming in the artificial lake known as Aquacity or the sea of Varazdin. Varazdin area has a luxurious Pavlin church in Lepoglava, Trakoscan Castle, Varazdin Spa and Ludbreg, a popular pilgrimage place, and according to the legend the centre of the world. Accommodation is available in several hotels and private apartments in family houses. There are numerous restaurants, pastry shops and coffee shops, and the City Coffee House Grofica Marica (Countess Marica) has grown into a true Varazdin brand, referring to the Countess Marica operetta. Nightlife goes on in about ten bars and clubs with repertoire that includes everything from jazz to disco music.

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